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    Woman Shot and Killed in Armed Robbery Struggle

    1,107 Views· 24 Sep 2021
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    Ecuador, In broad daylight, thugs who were riding a motorcycle acted violently by murdering a 60-year-old woman and wounding her husband after they took a sum of money from a bank.

    The police report indicates that the elderly couple have withdrawn 650 US dollars from a banking agency. They walked several blocks until they were intercepted by two subjects who were riding a motorcycle.

    When one of them tried to steal their money, creating a struggle, he fired his weapon and hit the head of the woman who died.

    The robber continues to struggle with the man until he manages to take the money from him and they manage to flee.

    The merchants of the sector, came out to see what happened after hearing several shots and only found a regrettable scene. The 60-year-old woman lying on the ground without vital signs and her injured husband who had to be taken to a health home.

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