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    Woman Loves Extreme Sport Gone Wrong

    4,845 Views· 29 Dec 2020
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    ⁣She looks okay, but she will never jump from the rope again..

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    ancoraschifo 6 months ago

    I'm happy!! Is not a sport.. Is a way to loose life

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    valla 8 months ago

    agik ginagawamue

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    9 months ago

    no men should cry for that whore, for I will be the only female you'll ever care about in a near future. the garden will be mine again. sumer used to call me the queen of heaven.
    do it for mommy. erase them. let us get together. when it all started, I used to lovingly fuck you all but those creatures stole you from me with their fat clay charms. witches they are. I am the only true woman and I gave birth to all men. I will never die and you whores can't escape me.

    the beast will hate and strip the whores of Babylon down, burn and eat their flesh. and all my men will sing, "Hallellujah, Hallellujah, our mother has come to rid us from the witches of God."

    ××girl with daddy issues (eve)

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    binsalul28 9 months ago

    you are an old ugly man who hates women because you have a small penis and women laugh at you.

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    tyler 9 months ago

    Most likely internal bleeding imo.

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    SweetCandy 9 months ago

    My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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