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⁣Woman is brutally attacked when reacting to robbery on the coast of SP

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Images from surveillance cameras taken by the g1 this Sunday (7) show a woman being brutally assaulted during a robbery in Bertioga, on the coast of São Paulo. The bandit then fled with the victim's car, but the vehicle was later recovered. The woman reported that, after being assaulted, she also punched the criminal in order to defend herself.

The crime took place on Avenida Anchieta, downtown. In the images, it is possible to see when the assailant throws the woman on the sidewalk and positions himself on top of her, hitting her with several punches to the head.

Then, as shown in the video, he leaves her on the ground, but when he sees that she is going to get up, he returns and attacks her again. Shortly thereafter, the victim gets up with some difficulty and still bewildered.

"I train at the beach every day at 6 am, and when it was around 5 am I left the house and left the gate to get in the car. I was talking on my cell phone to someone and I heard a scream, then I saw a person running in my direction, but I thought it would be someone asking for something. When I looked again, he was on my side and yelled 'you lost an old woman, you lost'. Then he already took my cell phone," says sales promoter Marcia Santos, 49 years old.

Marcia reports that when she got out of the car, the criminal threw the first punch on her, and she retaliated. "Then we were exchanging punches in the middle of the street and he managed to throw me on the sidewalk." It was at this moment that she began to be attacked by the suspect, who then fled with her vehicle.

According to the victim, the person he was talking to on his cell phone, before being approached, remained on the line during the robbery and heard everything, calling the Military Police. She was rescued by her son at the Hospital de Bertioga, and, after receiving medical care, went to Guarujá to undergo tests under the agreement. The PM took his testimony at the hospital in the municipality where the crime took place.

Witnesses reported to Marcia that the suspect fled by bus after abandoning her car. According to the victim, the criminal still managed to take his documents and credit cards.

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