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    Woman Brutally Stabs A Taxi Driver

    3,585 Views· 11 Sep 2021
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    In Crime

    Fuck, what the fuck is her problem, the driver is driving..

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    Bloodykdr3 5 hours ago

    She wanted to stop for a snack, but he didn't stopped... He probably parked the car before dying though.

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    SweetCandy 2 days ago

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    jinx666 10 days ago

    She probably got annoyed by the guy smoking in a car.

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    Andione 11 days ago

    Pamelatrans looks like a woman. Poor taxi driver just doing his job.

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    BrootalRape666 12 days ago

    I swear these ching chong females are really prone to sudden unprovoked violent outbursts. Avoid noodlewhores

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