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⁣Woman Brutally Rape And Killed In Brazil

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f752357d7d 30 days ago

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tryintoPop 1 month ago

i wish you recorded a process of raping... but it's okay

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huntinglongjohns 15 days ago

couldn’t agree more. disappointed,

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HarryG 1 month ago

Rape? They even replaced the shorts....

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ebonhawk9899 2 months ago

want to know what America is going to be like in 20 years look at Brazil your children will have to pay the price because you don't want to be racist white people

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1 month ago

bcoz they let spics and niggers in. i rather have gooks and chinks, they silent, more civilized and useful and dont do stupid shit like latino and niggers do. usa will be like this obviously, its already been like this. soon will be drug war, beheading all over the streets, niggers beheading each other for chicken wings and shit. USA is doomed because their retarded gay faggot rules of "freedom" , freedom leads to shit, everything needs to have limits, even freedom. look at usa now, gay fat transexual niggers walking on the side walk dancing and shit, obese people everyday, drug addict everywhere, economy is falling and destroyed by asian countries. not to mention USA now have gay transexual military commander and they wish they win a full scale war against chinese lol they can't even take afghanistan and just shitting and piss in other country for oil, USA is already declined since the 2000's and getting worse and worse. and do you know? USA now have HIGHER CRIME RATE than russia. look at the fuckign statistics. i mean russia dude, usa got higher crime rate. even third world countries thesee days are saver than USA. USA is shit its a nigger country, even white man in usa is a nigger coz they love niggers lol, white man in usa wanna act like nigger ghetto everyday

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Juniorper1990 2 months ago

Is there any real rape in this site? Or in the normal web? Link please

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EndowTheGreat 1 month ago

I've got some. really not hard to find anything if you look hard enough. and trust me, I've found some shit

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eastwood007 1 month ago

@EndowTheGreat: post it

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Jim 15 days ago

@EndowTheGreat: Where can I find it? If you know what PGP encryption is can you message it to me with the public key in my bio?

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Jim 15 days ago

@EndowTheGreat: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- xsBNBGG7oZ4BCADAWurAIRpjgYHuYyrE3s5TOcVKcTXg8am89aDTnAYMe5+x pmSeUFmbhgv9JPHqoda6bfJE16gSW0IuRgTTGEXxH2rcA0TYRNchZQ1OmBdU ICPYveLJn5JjPaobMQ3zqFbfTxqebLDTatOd2fZm067yCn9mVw0GKFDExflQ wwkqn8DRIbYXCM03FkvqRL5o1e55n09y36QFVmPNdcD6jF/okP1vKqRRrtNr f9uwj66S7eCPW+W277kEm6/Kpk4TiNw9FK9AQ2bL09gTzO+r1HxIiNYPeMDa I0ocwPwWovN36DD7QZJOKJF175KrhlB2Bn8JLbUFEVBWUQMD/2cDRs5bABEB AAHNAMLAigQQAQgAHQUCYbuhngQLCQcIAxUICgQWAgEAAhkBAhsDAh4BACEJ EFSl6dyUc7GMFiEEbtBudtzQTuRtnz7ZVKXp3JRzsYyDngf/cE22umQwdlbE tWcPf0ne8BBrOUIGm8s7hG5jPyMp/wnPn/yrXOZwyflYmVxB7lhU8Pr4U3uh U2UMVUVjlkxH+SprGhZruNjXngG19jxAlFUCIaHPBxJzlMg3hDkGqbwlQZrM g9C5eTUuIetc5u8siiKdukAcT9H/HA2ttD2jUfMyr+MjazUuagcFa8caZD9X EW4okM8M6QCNdzxlgpBYd69kRVMskhyLFCpFsCeKlw/Mtn0fhf7VjKvCkzWP aVtQ/M1sw5cRVClN9DSTtem3wroRwzObLL+4BlotjVifJKjj4FjUCYOzNrLh ibq8V2H2D8GqqUXA9YTwN61unbCV3M7ATQRhu6GeAQgArv8zZRy6L5tUKiHf quH8Ls0dvicLU2RPFEQSzAVChxmSHmuNsGaaLS407Po3PbQozYAKTMCQMqX6 beSLNUt5Nb9OS5oW4bxeZdUSHb2fupW+QoyOTtoeSmprMuzirECFRzOGE1tE IR5LF3Wrw2VsuT5LXCQRPsW0wRI7SY14punKaNkQ3DjRvffKcQahoSgOaEhF KvYtVhnChasJh6CHOVrjU0SehhCXo1iFj96DZlP8LKv+u7Nx4xzn6+1NAEKT uP0hsqn7H/MWXGDpMpOjUc1lq1KrMOMmHmUCuc7UT9Om1ygxIft2eQNKYidH 0PeMe+TP16NNU/b+Zgscna9GBwARAQABwsB2BBgBCAAJBQJhu6GeAhsMACEJ EFSl6dyUc7GMFiEEbtBudtzQTuRtnz7ZVKXp3JRzsYxrUQf/c3Pe4ekxZNoN 8ThooJ9xrWx98gm80TPoMgvZAEbkZI2wjsTQkq4AUzQDL5cMDF6S+Fn4vItz LlrgVOkeLGVeIZlYwfAfI+8hoj4aA8gVOf5EFfatDEn6ftus6jOYqodX6nmw +HBq8EkbkoDs4O6HARicBoJ3Dam24bOc0NbyZK9yNeN8uNZFQzIX6cTTh3GS LBDh/eJXMk/287zZLIqusJQ+lZRgAVsUo9uSthpkrwzhIXutvkVBD9/AV5cA Zm3lBEimEIzKxD8IgAbPEhZMHsafncPd1l88I5+YAQu+kxCH+KM774zaEGks 5rs5rs4haEtbddNYCfgfioSBNFuN2A== =kgDn -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

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