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The Morgue Full Loaded With Dead Body Everywhere

Published on 13 Jan 2021 / In Medical

From the language their speak, looks like this is russian..

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Lolicon Rape
Lolicon Rape 2 days ago

Wtf happened

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Neck_Cut 2 days ago

Thats it, Russia cannot even call itself a second world country anymore, its definitely a proper THIRD WORLD country run by white people LOL. Probably the only white 3rd world country. How can they be so disrespectful to the dead?

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3 days ago

well atleast we know whats happening there but wtf should get burned down whole building with people

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DonkeyKong 7 days ago

Mad disrespectful to film this. I guess you can’t expect anything less from a psychopathic mortician.

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Junker 9 days ago

russia sucks, you have to be a sick psychopath to work in a place like that.

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Puruttya 8 days ago

US too if we wisit sites like this...

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