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    Thai Guy Shoots Himself on Webcam

    8,021 Views· 14 Apr 2021
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    In Suicide

    ⁣This depressed dude, very sad as you can see from the video, gets his last moments ready as he puts on some screamo thai music to set the mood. Though I have a question to pose to all of you who watch this... As you replay through the video after he shoots himself during the screaming portion of the music, do any of you notice some sort of strange invisible like movement above his head as he bleeds out on his couch? I swear it looks like his soul is literally moving out of his head or something.

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    XANXA016 19 hours ago


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    SweetCandy 29 days ago

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    3 months ago

    who cares one less chink in the world. there is billions of the motherfuckers. cockroaches of the world. the least you can do is take some dindus with you.

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    DERRICK456 5 months ago

    listening to that trash no wonder

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    dingleberry 6 months ago

    when I do it, it will be in front of brian c glenn of the alaska state troopers.

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    lordmastodon62 5 months ago

    Okay nice

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