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    Shock! Careless Taxi Driver Causes One Pedestrian Death

    1,448 Views· 23 Aug 2021
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    ⁣Taipo,Hong Kong, 63 year old taxi driver arrested.

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    XANAX022 4 days ago


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    SweetCandy 1 month ago

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    2 months ago

    notice how there's no regard for life people just laying dead on the street and no one even goes up to them to try to help.
    this is typically what you'll find in a shitskin country these people don't care about their own people's life you think they care about yours? it's almost like these people are not born with empathy I think that's only a white trait.white people will move Heaven and Earth to try to help someone these people can't even bother to move two feet to see if they can help.
    and that's exactly why we shouldn't deal with these people like we do with other white people they are not the same as us they don't value life.they would rather stab you in the back then look at you and if it benefits them they would betray you in a second.believe me I've seen hundreds of these videos typically from Asia people just being attacked laying on the streets and no one goes to help.and of course it happens in white countries to but it's not typical like their countries.

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    Wobasta 2 months ago

    Yes, and there is a reason for this. There were cases, when people tried to help, they themselves got sued. Laws have changed after a toddler was hit. And people were afraid to help. Good Is Samaritan laws past after that(2017). But im sure most people are still scared

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    2 months ago

    @Wobasta: that would be a good point if we were talking about one country and that is a common excuse to explain away the behavior despite what you might think I've actually done some research on this subject ensure that does explain some of it it doesn't explain the vast majority of it. notice how I never specified a specific country. the laws are different in every country so you really can't say that. that excuse wouldn't hold Traction in the lot of what I've seen these are countries from South America to Asia to Africa the only thing that's similar about a lot of these countries is there not white countries there's only one exception maybe America but America has been polluted with so many other cultures it really is not a good example. I mean America used to be 90% white and I mean it used to be safe to leave your doors unlocked in America try doing that now you can say it's because of guns but Americans always had guns the only thing that is really changed in America is the diversity and this demonization of whites that is really been going on since the 60s in entertainment and movies in America led by the Jewish controlled media.

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    Hurtcore 2 months ago

    1:33. Right to the point

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    Jibun6661 2 months ago

    Great driver dattebayo

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