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    R9K Shotgun Suicide (longer video)

    60,334 Views· 01 Nov 2020
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    In Suicide

    This is half (at least the important part) of that shotgun suicide by Shuaiby. I wanted to upload this so people could see the context and what not.

    The full version is 50 minutes and it's taking too long to compress so I can't do it.
    Here's the transcript of what he's saying, and some aftermath from first responders:

    ⁣there's one person

    hehe of course! you just told me, fuck's sake! *sigh* - response to his friends saying "maybe we can act like the stream's not working"

    no, that's enough talk, enough talk

    is it live?

    (can't tell) recording

    alright *sigh* what do you guys want to talk about? I have maybe fifteen minutes, until they're home

    *clears throat* gimme a second, let me *sigh* *he slips a note under the door with a key*

    can you, can you, calm down (says girl's name who's talking to him)

    (mumbling) alright, alright, I, I can hear you, I can hear you

    okay, you guys hear me? *sigh* you guys ready?

    can you guys hear me? can you guys hear me well? can you hear me?

    *sigh* sounds low? how about now, jordan? can you hear me now? can you guys-? can you hear me now jordan?

    still low? hmm, I don't know.

    ookay, hey jordan, nice to (something)

    *switches safety on shotgun I assume, as I hear a loud click to the left side of the screen*

    alright jordan, you recording jordan?

    anyone recording?

    anyone recording? (mumbles) see (mumbles)

    *jumps off his bed* *comes back on bed with note reading : Bye R9K, 3/14/18

    *folds note up, tosses to left side of screen off bed*


    *he then shows the shotgun to the camera, pumps it once*

    *shows that it's set to F for FIRE*

    *sigh* dammnit (I assume, it sounds like that, as he places it to his head)

    *heavy breathing*

    *he readjusts his position back closer to the wall*

    *looks at the shotgun, pumps it again, I think a round falls out or he puts another one in, may have been
    doing the first muzzle against his head to practice one more time*

    *he inserts a red 12 gauge round into the tube*

    *mumbles, might be "hello" or "oh well"*

    alright, bye guys *waves*

    *places the muzzle against his right side of his forehead*

    *he breathes heavily*

    *he looks down at the camera because his one friend on call says "he couldn't seem to get it to work again"
    meaning, the stream*

    *he places his thumb on the trigger and fires, the shotgun flies back and hits the floor, his hat goes
    backwards and to the left as it hits the tarp, his brain and skull fragments hit the wall behind him and they're
    red and dark red, as well as against the white ceiling, the camera focuses when the tarp behind him falls down
    if you go frame by frame pretty much the top half of his head was gone, his skin from his nose and jaw falls
    forwards as his body falls with a thud to his bed, he was dead instantly*

    no more noises are heard from shauiby afterwards, his mother comes in screaming with the note he put under
    the door reading "i am dead inside, don't let the kids see" something along those lines, with a key.

    she calls the police soon after and cries frantically, the paramedics come in later and describe a terrible smell
    either shuaiby's bowels released or his brains drying out on the wall, they don't describe the smell

    the conversation went like "oh you smell that dude?" "oh god"

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    SweetCandy98 24 days ago

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    liljetottare 2 months ago

    can you upload the full 50 min video somewhere? possibly google drive or some shit

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    cc2020 1 month ago

    I lost the full thing actually. It should be up somewhere but I don't have it.

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    throwaway294325643 11 days ago

    @cc2020: full 50 minute video here

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    IPecado 2 months ago

    mtfk dumb

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    GoreErectus 2 months ago

    If I had to listen to that annoying whiny cunt every day, I'd shoot myself too

    2    0 Reply
    l0st_somewhere 2 months ago

    I love hearing the scrams and the panic of the other people watching him do that.

    0    0 Reply
    deathhhhhh 2 months ago


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