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    Policeman Tortured, Beheaded And His Son Flayed Alive

    152,725 Views· 10 Aug 2018
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    Mexicans deliver again, and make those pussy whipped Brazilian manginas look like fucking ballet dancers.

    According to the info I got, this video was filmed in Guerrero, Mexico. Those who have been around long enough know that the city of Acapulco in the Mexican state of Guerrero is the execution capital of the world.

    A Mexican policeman was kidnapped, but to make his torment worse, the kidnappers also snatched his son. In the video, the policeman is tortured and then beheaded, while his son is made to watch. Yet that really was just a softy warm-up.

    While the youngster is alive and fully conscious, the kidnappers flay his chest and belly until his intestines began to protrude. His lungs extract through the exposed cavities, and the intestines continue to pump in and out of the open abdominal wall from sheer terror, as the flayer smacks the young man to make him check it out. The flayer then cuts his rib cage apart and snaps it open, before slicing up his lungs and ripping out his heart, ending his unspeakable torture and with it, his life. The filleting concludes with the heart being stabbed onto the victim.

    We’ve recently seen what set itself out to be the goriest video of 2018, coming close to what has been labeled by a significant number of BG members as the most graphic video of all time, but this video may shuffle the top spots up a bit.

    What do you guys think? Is this one going down in infamy as the pinnacle of gore, or does it fall short of other videos?

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