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MY sister's phone

LY Asshole
Published on 19 Nov 2020 / In Accident

Damm melons

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Thehuntervip 14 days ago

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DeadChicksRHot 15 days ago

Nice man, should try to feel them somehow

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randompimp 15 days ago

yes but since this is his sisters phone this is kind of wrong. if you jerked off to these boobs then you are most likely a psychopath wanting to commit suicide by inhaling frog poison.

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DeadChicksRHot 15 days ago

Who cares if it’s “wrong”? It’s only wrong by society’s morals, but if u think about it logically... there’s nothing wrong about it, it’s jus skin on skin as if your fucking any other person, except they share the same dna and blood as u, so what? Aslong as u don’t impregnate them I don’t see what’s so wrong about it

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MeFace 1 day ago

@DeadChicksRHot: im ganna use that to convince my friend to fuck his sis

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a323 16 days ago

you got good taste my man

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SweetCandy 16 days ago

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