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⁣Mutiny in the Largest Prison in Paraguay

Published on 17 Feb 2021 / In Murder

Mutiny in the largest prison in Paraguay


Around a dozen and a half guards are being held by a group of prisoners who began a protest on Tuesday at the Asuncena prison in Tacumbú, the largest in Paraguay, demanding procedural equality for all inmates and the presence of the Minister of Justice, Cecilia. Perez.

The riot ringleaders exposed these claims to a television outlet that was allowed to enter the prison and asked to act as "negotiators" with the minister.

The statements of the prisoners came an hour after they started a fire that was later controlled by the fire department and after the intervention of the anti-riot forces, which even fired shots, according to some media.
The Minister of Justice, Cecilia Pérez, previously informed the media that the reaction of the prisoners occurred after the transfer of an inmate after detecting an alleged escape plan that would have allowed the escape of several inmates.

It is about E. B., a member of a dangerous gang of assailants, sentenced to 19 years in prison in January 2020, who was taken to another place, said Pérez, who estimated between 70 and 100 the rioters in the 'corridors' pavilion.

From the Ministry they announced that the minister will give a press conference to give details of the situation in jail-

The prisons of Paraguay are overcrowded due to the abusive use of preventive detention by the Justice, according to complaints from various organizations.

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