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  • Markus
    Markus 08 Mar 2021

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    Woman Got Beaten Using Wood
    06 May 2021
    Woman Got Beaten Using Wood
    Markus · 1,132 Views

    ⁣Montgomery County Deputy Shoot And Kills Guy Hitting Him with Piece of Wood

    In Shoot

    A Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed an erratic driving suspect accused of causing two collisions on Saturday, then going after crash victims and the deputy with a piece of wood, authorities say.

    The deputy fired his weapon after the suspect hit him with the piece of wood, Montgomery County Sheriff Darren Popkin said. Neither the deputy nor the deceased have been identified.

    The incident started about 8 a.m. Saturday as “numerous” phone calls flooded in about someone driving erratically out of Laytonsville, Maryland.

    The driver forced one vehicle to swerve into a telephone pole, resulting in no injuries. The suspect then smashed into another car as they continued driving the wrong way down MD-108.

    The suspect's vehicle broke down after the crash. Then, the suspect got out with “a large wooden stick of some sort" and approached the people in the other car.

    A Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputy who was nearby stopped and engaged the suspect. It’s unclear if the deputy happened upon the scene or were responding to calls heard over the radio.

    The deputy was struck with the wood and then pulled out his Taser, which didn’t stop the suspect for unknown reasons. Then, the deputy fired at the suspect.

    “The deputy felt his life was threatened and used force,” Police said.

    The suspect has been pronounced dead, but further details weren’t released about the circumstances or how long it took for them to get care. Police said first responders were near the scene when the deputy fired.

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    Woman Got Beaten Using Wood
    06 May 2021
    Woman Got Beaten Using Wood
    Markus · 1,132 Views