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    Man Is Crushed By A Rolling Door

    2,250 Views· 07 Jan 2021
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    A few days ago, there was an accident of an electric iron rolling door at the Asia-Pacific Telecom store in Tamsui District, New Taipei City, which caused an instant fall and crushed employees. At that time, a male employee used a proximity card to open the iron rolling door, but when the iron rolling door was halfway up, the male employee could not wait Stooping to enter the store, the iron rolling door suddenly stalled and fell, engulfing the male staff alive, until they were found out.

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    SweetCandy98 24 days ago

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    FILLYFINGERZ 5 months ago

    Well, that sucks for him!

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    Fartman 8 months ago


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    BrootalRape666 9 months ago

    wow, in China someone actually came over to help.

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    AgentWhite 9 months ago

    Well he's going to work, maybe he's got a wallet

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    Puruttya 9 months ago

    Rolling door made by china for the chinese people. There is no better door for them... <3

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