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  • Markus
    Markus 08 Aug 2018

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    Man Brutally Tortured With Amputated Arms And Legs

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    Apparently this person is the one who a few days before an armed commando entered to remove him from his home in the town of Chahuites. The subject that interrogates him asks who killed "JUANITO CASTELLANOS" likewise he says to the people of quiet chahuites this is not with you, this is with the scourges of the population, they make a call to a certain "JOVANI" salt to the land or So I'm going to hand them all to you.

    In the video is heard. "Who killed Juanito Castellanos?", Look at "Giovanni, this is what is going to happen, son of your p # $ 3 mother" so go out to the field ... "And calm the people that this is with all the Chahuites blunders." mention that the last days two men were 'raised', in that istmeño municipality.

    A man was brutally tortured in Mexico. The scenes that today circulate in social networks show the victim agonizing in front of a subject that tries to interrogate him.

    "Who killed Juanito Castellanos?" Questioned the subject who recorded. The person, whose limbs have been torn off, can not answer and falls to the ground, "Look, Geovanni, this is what is going to happen to you, son of your fucking mother. One by one I'm going to tear them apart, "said the criminal. The blood of the victim can be seen scattered in the area.

    According to the narration, the events occurred in the town of Chahuites, located on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and in the extreme southeast of the state of Oaxaca.

    Extreme violence prevents the video from being shared in this link.

    In April, this newspaper reported a similar case. Subjects riddled police in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, and then displayed the scenes on social networks.

    In fact, six state soldiers died when they were ambushed by 15 other armed civilians in the mountain community of Las Mesillas, three hours from Zihuatanejo.

    Guerrero authorities received the report about the attack on the patrol in which the uniformed were traveling, who were going down from the El Camalote community, and when passing through Las Mesillas they were ambushed.

    The uniformed ones offered precautionary measures to a group of people from the El Camalote community, and at the change of shift they returned to Zihuatanejo when they were attacked.

    After the massive dissemination of the video, the Government of Guerrero [led by PRI Hector Astudillo Flores] threatened media from all over the country.

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