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⁣Man Bite By Tiger In The Zoo

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Why he put his hand into the cage? This is not an accident, he must trying to do something to the tiger, and received his karma.

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Destroyedknee20 7 days ago

Why this fucking maggot shot at the kitty. What an asshole!!! Animal should kill all human like these.

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GoodGirlSwallows 15 days ago

Honestly they should have just peppersprayed the lion first. Fk that guy

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deathhhhhh 16 days ago

I piss shit while watch this video

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MrReality 16 days ago

people are so stupid we should move all the people with a IQ above 1 to a different planet and send a nuclear bomb to earth

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GoodGirlSwallows 16 days ago

Lol idiot. If your gonna play with a big kitty at least know that sometimes little kittys like to nibble .

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