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⁣Machine Gun Kelly Received Oral Sex In Stage

3,527 Views· 18 Nov 2021
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From the Dallas Observer: Of course, rapper Machine Gun Kelly always talks a big, lewd game, but he backed up his boasts during last Friday's show at the newly opened Monroe Lounge. Porn star Rachel Starr gave the fans in attendance a chance to make a sex tape of their own after she dropped to her knees in front of the rapper and well...when a mommy and daddy love each other very much. You know the rest.

Since everyone's phone has a camera and easy access to YouTube, strategically positioned videos of the incident popped up all over the web and went viral because we all know that the Internet is experiencing a serious porn shortage, especially bootleg copies of celebrities getting it on.

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srrandrc 1 month ago

art & music has deteriorated like it had never been!

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blacksails 2 months ago

severe mental illness

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DruggoSluggo 2 months ago

Wow she values herself

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deathhhhhh 2 months ago

i piss shit while watch this video

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