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    Jealous Cop Shoots His Gf Before Shooting Himself Through the Chin

    5,166 Views· 15 Apr 2021
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    In Murder

    ⁣Thailand, On March 14, A. T, 31 years old used a 9 mm pistol to shoot his girlfriend, Miss. S. B, 35 years old, twice before turning the muzzle of the gun and shooting himself in the head, hoping to die as well. The bullet however entered the tip of his chin, penetrated the nasal cavity leaving him in a serious condition, at a coffee shop at a gas station. He was brought to the Hospital and survived.
    The motive for all this was jealousy. Her mother, said that the Police Sergeant has been a boyfriend with her daughter for about 3 years and they always had problems. They broke up many times because of jealousy.
    Later, it was known that during the breakups the man made sarcastic posts on Facebook several times. The man had not come to his mother for almost a year and before the incident, the mother had never had any hunch.

    He was charged with murder.
    She was a salesperson of drugs and Medical equipment and drove her Honda CRV to a gas station to buy cigarettes. The boyfriend drove a pickup truck following her. They talked about his problem in front of the Coffee Shop for more than 1 hour.

    The police searched the pickup truck and found 3 beer bottles and 3 cans of beer all empty

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    Stargaz3 5 months ago

    Relationships are to die for

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    SweetCandy 6 months ago

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    Diiablo666_ 6 months ago

    How did he fucked up that shot? How?! And he is a cop oO

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