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    Japanese Vomit Girls

    1,797 Views· 17 Jul 2021
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    The Vomit Girl shock art piece depicts two girls vomitin on each other as part of an adult digital internet art work. The actresses in the film are Japanese AC Stars - Mayura Hoshitsuki and Akane Mochida.

    The purpose of this work is to explore the relationship between postmodern discourse and gender identity in japan as it relates to pangender adults. The piece is obviously heavily influenced by Fuller and the work draws upon both traditional and modern dilogues to prod at the theoretical limits of meaning.

    As an epitaph to the remnants of 90s Japanese culture, this work is a triump = it will surely be remembered fondly in the same vein as the much celebrated Pain Olumpics.

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    Veronika Cervenka
    Veronika Cervenka 20 hours ago

    Cute but could you teach me that trick.

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    Idris581 2 days ago


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    катюша 2 months ago

    this bitch is insane

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    Hurtcore 2 months ago

    I'll give her props for trying to still look cute. Seems like she's having fun and isn't that really what matters? Oh I'ma wholesome motherfucker today ladies and gentlemen

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    deathhhhhh 2 months ago

    pee poo while watch video

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