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    ⁣It Is Not Worth It For Stealing In Brazil

    2,230 Views· 29 Apr 2021
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    In Justice

    Cell phone thief is punished, beaten by the population.

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    IPecado 5 months ago

    tinha que apanhar mais. se fosse aqui na zona, não sobrava nem cabelo nesse cara

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    Deadric Lord
    Deadric Lord 5 months ago

    Third world behaviour absolutely retarded

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    SweetCandy 5 months ago

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    Fartman 5 months ago


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    dickeyyyy 5 months ago

    Well I know someone gonna type FK black white is god bla bla fucking stupid lines which nobody really cares about actually....

    African continent countries have the economic issues that's why we see people do these kinda thing such like stealing , kidnapping were as look at the countries who have good economic conditions y'all will see those countries have less crime related incidents...

    Now the Problem
    Whites hate black this is the truth (if you were white and reading this and completely disagree then.....u humble person but) allmost most of the white peoples hate blacks , they support and supply weapons to the African countries for their benifits for money for profits but not for their good future
    If you look and analyse this Africa you will came to know that the kids were trained to use the weapons at the little age. And these blacks fight between each other for land dispute for money bla bla , dear whites if you really care about black then support them even personally I have donated 300$ approx I know it's not much but I donated to their charity fund websites... I'm brown and I feel so bad whenever people talk shit about colour.

    Well I'm not professional in English but I'm sure that the one who is reading this can understand whatever I just meant to say

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    Kawowski77 4 months ago

    Heres ten wholsome points for saying a nice thing

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