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    ISIS and Many Ways of Death

    15,528 Views· 14 Aug 2018
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    In Isis

    How creative. But ISIS will be destroyed soon enough. The world will never allow them to exist as a state.

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    SweeetCandy 20 days ago

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    darknesurrunding 1 month ago

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    Piccolo44 2 months ago

    Would you rather drown in that cage. Or be in a car blown up by a rocket launcher ?. Me rocket launcher would be painful but quicker.

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    deathhhhhh 3 months ago

    pee poo cum

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    Abbas 25
    Abbas 25 5 months ago

    Death to ISIS fucking evil scumbags I'm happy that gonna end soon

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    Piccolo44 2 months ago

    They will pay for it hopefully in hell.l hell

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