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  • Markus
    Markus 14 Apr 2021

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    PCC squad guns down PGC girl in brazil
    09 May 2021
    PCC squad guns down PGC girl in brazil
    Rathalos · 0 Views

    Husband Brutally Stabbed His Wife To Death In Brazil


    ⁣Stabbed to death in Brazil.

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    Hugefaggotry666 19 days ago

    y niggers c only solution is violence ??pitbulls

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    SweetCandy 22 days ago

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    Fartman 26 days ago


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    Puruttya 26 days ago

    The ususal cock carousel feel ride where she tells you that she "will always going to love u forever". at least until she finds a "better one" and telling you that "It's not you, it's me" shit for breaking up (like if it would really help). Been there felt that. Or just the old fashioned fucking around.

    Shure thing that he made the whore that she will NEVER EVER going tio give the feel ride....

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    antirussianperson 26 days ago

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    mateoghhhghbbg 26 days ago

    man your a racist and white people do the most fucked up shit like these people have reasons but white people will walk into a school and kill 40 innocent kids

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    Linthed 23 days ago

    nobody cares if you're white

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    dickeyyyy 23 days ago

    I am illiterate did u typed white is a god ass?? Oh ok

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    PCC squad guns down PGC girl in brazil
    09 May 2021
    PCC squad guns down PGC girl in brazil
    Rathalos · 0 Views