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    Herbivores Eating Meat Compilation - All Animals Are Omnivores - The Vegan Nightmare

    2,651 Views· 09 Apr 2021
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    In Animal

    original by youtube channel: sv3rige

    This video drives home the point that ALL animals are omnivores in nature.

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    5 months ago

    They have cravings ok ? Cant stay veg 365 !

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    Hugefaggotry666 6 months ago

    stronger and smarter kills and eats
    thats why niggers need to be dead

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    Sadistic Soviet Man
    Sadistic Soviet Man 6 months ago

    I showed it to my vegan friend. She cried xaxaxa

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    queer 6 months ago

    good vid but bad noisy music

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    Malperci0 6 months ago

    exactly, i always wonder who the fuck thinks they should be putting shitty music under vids

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    cc2020 6 months ago

    Not really all of them since these animals tend to be curious. But vegans are the most hypocritical and retarded human beings to ever exist on this planet.

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