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    Head Of A Woman Found In The Bag On Street

    2,142 Views· 30 Sep 2021
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    In Crime

    ⁣Woman head found in the bag.

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    Ignatius Potenza
    Ignatius Potenza 20 hours ago

    laughing girl is next.

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    XANAX023 3 days ago


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    xanaxstore01 6 days ago


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    SweeetCandy 23 days ago

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    23 days ago

    and people try to say these subhumans are the same as us I don't know anyone in my family that would disrespect The Remains of a brutally murdered woman and laugh about it and tamper with evidence in the process and this is how they act and their natural environment without civilization I tell you there's some races that should go back in the swamp for 2,000 years and then maybe they'll become equal to us until then that just monkeys running around pretending to be civilized. you know my parents never taught me to be racist but after seeing the fucked up shit they do to their own people and then invade our countries and have the nerve to wag their finger at us because we don't smile everytime we see them is ridiculous. congratulations Jews America has been ruined because of multiculturalism America is no different than Brazil now. when the white population declines the savagery goes up.
    shitskin think if they invade America is going to make their lives better no all you're doing is turning this country into the same Shithole you came from. I'm not saying white people don't do some fucked up shit because we do the ninety-nine percent of the time it's a one-off these people do it whole crowds and villages.

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    Alopecia 22 days ago

    Yeah, low iq in these contries. Its disgusting how they laugh and shit

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    20 days ago

    @Alopecia: what you have there is a typical response of a Jew Jews are obsessed with human waste and feces they get sexual gratification with fling in their own poop at one another like monkeys Jews also like to sexually molest children notice how this Jew didn't debunk any of my arguments I'm guessing he's playing grammar Nazi but I'm not sure .

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    Alopecia 9 days ago

    @bl578299: Im no jew

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