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Grenade Explodes In Soilder Hand

Published on 09 Jan 2021 / In Extreme

Not sure what he is trying to do, but the grenade exploded in his hand lol..

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Neck_Cut 10 days ago

These muzzies are just so dumb, they are like cavemen experimenting with fire and getting burned LMAO. They still kept akbaring even after their comrade got his hands blown off. Didnt even bother to help him HAHAHHAHA.

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Neck_Cut 14 days ago

their entire vocabulary is just two words :)

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Neck_Cut 14 days ago

YES! I remember this gem of a video from bestgore, thought it was lost forever. HAHAHAHAH! When I first saw this I was laughing so hard i had tears coming out of my eyes and I couldnt breathe. This is the funniest gore video ever. These muslims are really funny people I will say, they are the best unintentional comedians.

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SweetCandy 15 days ago

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rbty 15 days ago

not sure what he is trying to do? really? what do you usually do with a grenade? these guys dont have the grenades we have, they have to light their with lighter/fuse.

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