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glowing hot steel kills worker

Published on 27 Mar 2019 / In Accident

that steel was a dick

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SweetCandy 5 months ago

My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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Jack 2 years ago

That yellow safety helmet is now melted to his head.

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fakefindersg 2 years ago

wheres the aftermath

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Ghostfunky 5 months ago

Here in my pants...wanna take a look ?

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Hemingway 2 years ago

Damn. Poor dude. Should have been a cat.

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surveyguy 2 years ago

Should have been you cuntface

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bortox 2 years ago

I dont understand this people who enjoys seeing another human die in horrific way but when you mention a cat they become animal lover pussies.

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Hemingway 2 years ago

@bortox: I know. It completely baffles me. How little value they place on a strangers life but they will treat a strange cat like a family memeber. I just don’t understand. Human life, no matter what, is more valuable than any animal.

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User5836 5 months ago

@Hemingway: Until you realize that animals are more innocent than humans will ever be. Honestly, I hope to see you in one of these videos someday. Go fuck yourself, and your friend.

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