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Gleb Korabljov Full Live Suicide Vid

Published on 24 Oct 2020 / In Suicide

Brutal full suicide with exclusive extra content only found on

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F_E_N_T_A_N_Y_L 21 days ago

Looks like saiga 12 shot gun btw any other escape from tarkov players here too? :P

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cc2020 21 days ago

Definitely is, he either used buckshot or birdshot. Some people said it may have been a rifle variant but there's a heavy restriction on those in russia.

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F_E_N_T_A_N_Y_L 16 days ago

@cc2020: aight

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Chochi 24 days ago

No! Only porn should be atleast 18+ but not gore!! Wtf

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cc2020 26 days ago

Probably the worst place to shoot yourself but I won't judge. The subsequent force of the round through his head would've caused immediate death regardless. I saw some rare aftermath photos from documenting reality and it took out the front portion of his head, his eyes were still in place and the skin fell back.

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27 days ago


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Cage 28 days ago

Good boy. The nice example for all Russians what each one has to do in his life

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