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Published on 08 Sep 2020 / In Crime

⁣Jacksonville, FL – Bodycam footage captured the moment when a Jacksonville Sheriff’s officer fatally shot a woman who charged out of a home and stabbed her with a butcher knife.

Officer Mechling stepped out of her vehicle, walked up onto the porch, and knocked on the front door, the video showed. Approximately six seconds later, the door flew open and a woman armed with a large butcher knife came running out at the lone officer.

The attacker was later identified as 29-year-old Leah Baker.

Officer Mechling raised her hands and backed away from the knife-wielding woman as Baker swiped at her with the blade. "What the fuck!” the officer screamed as she stumbled out onto the sidewalk and radioed for help. “I’ve just been fucking stabbed!”

Officer Mechling pointed her weapon at Baker, who continued clutching the knife from her position up on the porch, the video showed. “Drop the f—king knife!” the officer ordered, just before Baker tossed the blade down onto the ground in front of her.

The suspect ignored Officer Mechling’s commands to get onto the ground, and scrambled down the steps to retrieve the knife instead, the video showed.

The officer fired one round and quickly backed away down the sidewalk.

Baker yelled out, but continued to pick up the knife, the video showed.

Another shot rang out as Officer Mechling and a male off-camera repeatedly yelled at Baker to stay away from the knife.

But the suspect crouched down and grabbed the knife again, charging towards Jacksonville Sheriff’s Sergeant J.C. Nobles as police fired more rounds at her, WJXT reported.

Baker ignored the officers’ commands for several more minutes before a K9 was sent in to subdue her, according to WTLV.

She repeatedly punched the dog, but was ultimately disarmed and wrestled into handcuffs.

Baker was transported to a local hospital, where she succumbed to her gunshot wounds, WTLV reported.

Florida State Attorney Melissa Nelson’s office recently determined that the officers’ use of deadly force against Baker was justified.

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Here4gore20 2 months ago

When are we getting actual footage of people murdering cops?

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sickness 2 months ago

She's went out like a gangster.

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Joor79 2 months ago

Damn rookie that's what you get for relaxing at the firing range.

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whisp 2 months ago

I think she shot her tire too, you hear that hissing

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Rmr4980 2 months ago

boo did not see anything

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gdudya 2 months ago

WTF? Why censored?

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