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    GIA Al Qaida ambush killing military police in Algeria

    2,853 Views· 29 Jul 2021
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    In Isis

    ambush by terrorist group in mountains of algeria

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    SweetCandy 2 days ago

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    Puruttya 2 months ago

    Yeah! Make sure that you kill eachother!

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    R_Machine 2 months ago

    Hard to believe these are even humans. This level of idiocy and violence just seems alien.

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    Dickeyyyyy 2 months ago

    These aren't humansthese are Muslims

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    Thealgerian 2 months ago

    @Dickeyyyyy: there is a verse in quran that allah says in it:Whoever kills a person unjustly, it is as though he has killed all of mankind''... So these terrorists doesn't represent islam or me as an algerian.. I'm sure that all cartel members are Christians.. So does that make all Christians terrorists? Again everone who does this represent himself nor his country or religion

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    Dumbass10202 1 month ago

    @Thealgerian: first sensible comment I've seen

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    Cloraxene 1 month ago

    @Thealgerian: ya khoya its about humanity and i agree what u said , but all religions based on violence btw :) since 1443 muslims kills in the name of allah , as chritians and others did , except some asian religions who long lived in peace ;)

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