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  • Markus
    Markus 11 May 2018

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    Four Women Including La Guera Loca Decapitated and Dismembered by Los Zetas

    In Other

    It’s Mundo Narco with their watermark overload again. But other than that, the video is pretty significant because one of the executed women is the infamous Crazy Blonde, aka La Guera Loca who became notorious for beheading a captured Zeta and peeling off his face with box cutter. Zetas got their retribution, it would seem.

    Los Zetas captured four women who confessed (for whatever it’s worth) to working for El Cartel del Golfo (The Gulf Cartel), the primary rival of Los Zetas. The execution takes place in an open field. The women kneel in the dirt as a group of masked, heavily armed gunmen stand in threatening poses behind them. Three of four women have their breasts exposed. One of them appears to be an aged and a little heavier woman so she got to keep her top on. La Guera Loca, also known as Comandante Guera is the woman with the nicest breasts, wearing a pink top – on the far right.

    After your typical Narco interrogation, in which the women stated their names, who they were affiliated with and what their job was, the Zetas proceeded with decapitation and dismemberment. Obviously, because after years of showing the world how utterly useless Mexicans are when it comes to beheadings with a knife, out of complete embarrassment they no longer use knives and instead stick with axes and huge machetes. So beheadings are more about chopping the heads off, rather than cutting them off as it used to be.

    During the interrogation, the women admitted to being affiliated in some capacity with José Guadalupe López aka “El Ostión” (The Oyster). Young girl on the left said she was his niece. Woman second from the right was a halcona (a hawk, aka a lookout). Comandante Guera said her name was Yesenia Pacheco Rodríguez and said she was with “Commander Gallo”, a member of CDG in Altamira.

    The old woman got the fastest treatment and was beheaded quickly with the axe. The one furthest left had her throat sliced and left to suffer for a bit, but was then also swiftly finished with the axe. La Guera Loca was left to suffer the longest. She had her throat cut with that huge machete and left alone while the sicarios were dealing with other women but still – thanks to the use of axes and machetes, each of the women was finished off rather quickly compared to what it used to be. The Zetas then proceeded with the traditional Narco dismemberment.

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    Joshyboii1993 23 days ago

    This is pure fucking evil , id kill all these mother fuckers family members and see if they like it , your all about as big as dogshit on the fucking floor , fuck the cartel , fuck the lot of ya ...... Id love to make them watch me whilst I rape there mothers and then afterwards , get a machete and cut her head off and then remove there heads , dig a grave put em all in there , poor petral on em and watch em burn , but wait i forgot something , ( beer and popcorn )

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    alex_56200 22 days ago


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    deathhhhhh 13 days ago


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    deathhhhhh 1 month ago

    poo while watch video

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    hwkallen3 1 month ago

    i don't understand Spanish, can someone tell me what did these evils force women to say

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    SadismEmperor 22 days ago

    Basically they ask who they were working for and who they are, then they ask their bosses to come to their territory saying that they don’t have balls and have to send innocent women to fight them. Then the executions...

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    IMightBe16 2 months ago

    Classic video so hot

       2    0
    ZYKLAN 2 months ago


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