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⁣Former Russian MP Brutally Beat His Neighbors

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The footage shows how on the site near the elevators Zyuzin begins to brutally beat his lying opponent. A friend of the Russian ex-deputy at this moment is holding the victim's wife, who is trying to prevent the fight. Then Zyuzin inflicts a few more punches and kicks on the recumbent.

As Daily Karelia writes , the incident took place in April after the victim heard loud screams from the window of a neighboring apartment. He and his wife went out to ask the neighbors not to make noise, but they attacked them in response.

The couple tried several times to contact the law enforcement agencies , but the district police officer sends them refusals to initiate a criminal case. The prosecutor's office returns the case back to the local employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for an additional check, from where the refusal comes again.

In an interview with the publication, the ex-deputy noted that he had not violated anything and considered himself an injured party. According to him, a neighbor started the fight and broke the nose of the former official. Zyuzin noted that he intends to initiate a criminal case against neighbors.

Earlier in the Vladimir region, the deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Anton Sidorko, during the discussion of the bill, decided to break the nose of the deputy from the CPSU Ivan Altukhov. A member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said that he was not threatening the deputy at that moment, since Altukhov, in his opinion, was “hamloing out of the doorway”.

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