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    Father shoots and kills his daughter bf for slapping her (reupload)

    2,517 Views· 15 Aug 2021
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    In Crime

    she proabably deserved it

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    SweetCandy 25 days ago

    My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

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    Darkburrow 2 months ago

    This is fake, he has a handcannon that sounds like a toy gunpowder-gun, that thing should fuck up the cameras audio

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    Eddie716 2 months ago

    Fake ???

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    2 months ago

    Death is not a punishment. Dead people can't feel fear. Dead people can't regret. There is no satisfaction in this.

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    Darkburrow 2 months ago

    If it was real, the father would feel massive satisfaction, im a father myself, and anyone laying their hands on my baby girl IS gonna die.

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    MrRacisim 2 months ago

    @Darkburrow: i fucked your daughter

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    @Darkburrow: You may sound big and tough on the internet but eventually ur going to meet somebody who will fucking ruin you, you should stop talking shit on theses sort of websites because ur kind of asking for it

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    deathhhhhh 2 months ago

    funny video as always pee poo cum

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