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Extravaganza of Decapitation: Brown subhumans killing each others

Published on 29 Jan 2019 / In Crime

They were lazy at works, but they are not lazy at all at killing themselves.

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matches38fires 5 months ago

Its Mexico not Brazil. Zetas Are the Familia De Norte. Plus Brazilians have afros. Mexicans are white(Spaniards) and Aztec Or Mayan Indians mixed.. Mexico hate Brazilians because they are Niggers. Mexico also sold oil to the Nazis. They hate Blacks. Hallelujah! Amore and Ave Satanas Familia DeNorte. Hail Los Zetas!!!!!

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SweetCandy 5 months ago

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bonelesspizza 5 months ago

Plenty of ass you can order there . Go home ,grill and eat some ass!

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Groyxz 2 years ago

Familia de norte

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beast_199 2 years ago


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Brenton Laughs 连环杀手

It looks like Brazil

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LolitaSlaveToys 2 years ago

it's Brazil

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