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    Dude Kills Ex-Girlfriend With A Single Punch

    3,008 Views· 17 Jun 2021
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    pamelatrans 2 months ago

    It wasn't a "single punch"

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    Someoneontheinternet 3 months ago

    She mustve had half a heart, make her a dirt coffin since we're all playing minecraft hardcore

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    Darkburrow 3 months ago

    The other dude seem to enjoy it... if that was me i would've fucking jumped that faggot the moment he even put his hands on her head

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    vickyyy 3 months ago

    How the other dude 'defending' her is so chill ? It's like he doesn't care, even after seeing her lifeless remaining on the floor

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    TheDude 3 months ago

    she wasn't having sex with him , so he didn't care

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    Necrox 3 months ago

    Likely just knocked out. Pretty good hit though!

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