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  • don't kidnap a kid in Afghanistan

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    SweetCandy 2 days ago

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    deathhhhhh 13 days ago

    I pee poo while watch this video

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    fdfer3eddw 11 days ago

    You should write 'I pee and poo while I watch this video', to be gramatically correct. I have noted how much you copy and paste this comment, which is rather a lot. It is, therefore, physically impossible for you to excrete more than a couple of times in 24 hours, therefore making the majority of your comments a lie and void. I am sure that your goal is to get reactions from said comments, which unfortunately for you do not come. I am therefore assisting you with your goal by commenting this. I am sure that this comment will be followed by 'Cum' and 'Pee Poo', which, again is entirely impossible in all circumstances, due to the amount said after each comment. Have a nice day nonetheless.

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