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    Customer Got Stabbed By Grocery Store Casher

    1,259 Views· 16 Aug 2021
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    In Crime

    ⁣In the video you can see how a young man was working in a grocery store, when suddenly a subject arrives drinking alcohol and begins to threaten the young man in the business with turning off the music, then he gets upset and threatens the seller to give him a cookie.

    There comes a time when the customer tries to attack the seller, who reacted quickly by stabbing him with the business knife.

    The customer falls to the floor and people from the place take the seller out of the business and tell him to leave.

    Sources indicated that this event occurred in the Punta de Garza neighborhood, San Pedro de Macorís. The aggressor was identified as 25-year-old Inoel Berroa, who turned himself in to the authorities for investigation.

    While the fallen young man identified as Maicol Mercedes f4lected while receiving medical attention at the Antonio Musa hospital due to the wound received in the chest.

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    SweetCandy 27 days ago

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    Multirod 2 months ago

    The guy didn't make it. He died in the emergency room. As for the store clerk, he received 3 months jail time pending court date.

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    Darkburrow 2 months ago

    That was a perfect stab to the heart, blood pressure dropped and passed out quite fast, dont think he survived this

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    deathhhhhh 2 months ago

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    Shifu 2 months ago

    Heart is at left side of the body lol ?

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