Creepy And Spooky Video Where C.D.G Cuts Off The Heads Of 2 Kidnappers And Thieves

Shock Gore
Published on 06 Jul 2018 / In Slaughtering

The video was received by the Blog del narco anonymously, A new episode of the violent war between drug cartels has been registered in Mexico.

Creepy and spooky video where CDG cuts the head to 2 kidnappers and thieves

In social networks, videos and images have been disseminated from where Cartel del Golfo dismembers thieves. In one of the terrifying videos, it is seen as hooded men with bulletproof vests. During interrogation, they blame kidnappings planning in different Zacatecas municipalities.

The Gulf Cartel is considered one of the main signs of violence in Zacatecas, as well as being responsible for various executions and kidnappings in the region; has a criminal influence in Tamaulipas and other states of Mexico.

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