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CRAZY! Mentally ill Man Stabs Woman Inside Chinese Clothing Store

Published on 14 Nov 2020 / In Extreme

⁣Somewhere in China, a man claiming to have mental health problems stabbed a woman in the neck inside a clothing store.

The saleswoman took a while to realize what was happening. Then he squeezed hard past the crazed man as if that was the healthiest route to safety.

Both the stabber and the victim were barefoot in the store. Makes you wonder if maybe she was his privileged wife who was lingering too long looking at clothes.

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JesusTheBasterd 1 month ago

Always thinking about stabbing these whores leads to real act

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Proxy 2 months ago


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LY Asshole
LY Asshole 2 months ago


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SweetCandy 2 months ago

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