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    Cold Blood Killing In Portland

    1,418 Views· 27 Aug 2021
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    In Shoot

    ⁣A man was shot and killed Friday night near Lents Park in Southeast Portland, after trying to break up a fight between his girlfriend and two other women.

    Police identified the victim as Jonathon "Johnny" Polanco, 30.

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    SweetCandy 26 days ago

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    vickyyy 2 months ago

    The black man came from nowhere just to kill the man who was trying to stop the fight

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    peoplearewierd999 2 months ago

    stupid dumb inbred, wall punching, power hungry bigot honkey, pedophile cracker , tiny penis, mustard monkey. drinking and celebrating his death as you read this. the guy in blue did the world a favor. nothing of value was lost his life didnt matter and there will be no uproar over his meaningless death. his girlfriend will be sucking a blackmans dick within a day she doesn't love him. he died like a retard for putting his hands on a minor. life is great lmfao. feel good for his pale flat lip bologna smelling mother the world did her a favor.

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    Hurtcore 2 months ago

    Who screams their age mid fight?

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    selfyo11 2 months ago


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