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    Cartel Brutal Beheading of Thief That Stole from Convenience Store

    4,354 Views· 24 Aug 2018
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    Mexico, Outside an Oxxo store in Chilpancigo people found an abandoned a mutilated body with his severed head in sight and a message saying that the murder was for stealing from these businesses.

    "This happens to me for stealing at oxxos. This is an example here in Chilpancigo ", said the cardboard left in the colony San Juan.

    The Cartel del Sur also made a claim through social media that in Chilpancingo, they no longer extort, charge for protection, kidnap or steal and asked the population to report such crimes to them through social media so they can take care of the criminals.

    Aftermath pics and the beheading and confession of the thief in the video.

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    SweetCandy 1 year ago

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    Kayrashy 3 years ago

    I love this world where they kill you for stealing food but they do it with that music on background xD

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    Markus 3 years ago

    And then in one day people will kill each other without any reason :/

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    Brenton Laughs 连环杀手

    The more important thing is that these mask wearers govern their hood better than the cops there do

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