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    Cartel Beheads A 15 Year Old Boy In Revenge For The 4 Women Beheaded Video

    14,700 Views· 10 Aug 2018
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    MEXICO (North America)

    **For approval on LL the actual execution has been cut off from this video**

    This is one of more than 100 cartel execution videos on the internet but only one of a handful that has been translated into english (subtitled). The story behind this video is that the young guy was a smuggler for the Zeta drug cartel, he was captured by rivals and before being executed he gave away his mother's business address in which she was subsequently kidnapped and beheaded too.

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    KonekoDxD 2 months ago

    Seems like another case of “Not my problem”

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    Whtamiwching 4 months ago

    Poor boy. :( it really bums me out to see young children taking bad roads and dying while having a whole life ahead of them. ;_[ RIP

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    Chungus2001 4 months ago

    I Admire the way you think may god Bless u

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    Zazelli 5 months ago

    Ahhh yes.

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    pfan 6 months ago

    This makes my pipi hard

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    Givzhay329 1 year ago

    The guy doing the beheading reminds me of a really strict and harsh teacher/principal, however he actually kills you. Seeing him wildly swinging that machete at the much smaller boys neck ans then kicking his head shocked me a bit. Showed no sympathy or mercy whatsoever.

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