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⁣Businessman Executed After His Family Failed To Pay Ransom

Published on 22 Feb 2021 / In Isis

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Tuesday that ISIS has kidnapped and killed a car dealer and is currently extorting his family to hand over his body in exchange for $ 100,000.

In a statement received by Shafaq News Agency, the observatory stated that on February 4th, A.K.J., a 25 year old car-dealer from the village of Tal al-Tawil, in al-Hasakah countryside, was killed, and the footage of his murder was sent to his family.

The Observatory quoted Daham Khader Jumaa, the victim’s brother, saying that his brother was lured by unknown persons under the pretext of buying a car last Thursday with an Arab partner of his named Muhammad Zahir Al-Abeer, who was also killed.

He added that they had received a new message from his brother’s killers asking his family to pay $100,000 in exchange for handing over his body and that the money shall be transferred to Turkey, noting, “almost certain information we have is that my brother and his partner were killed in al-Bahra area in Deir Ezzor countryside.”

Last Friday, ISIS claimed, through its media platforms, the criminal operation, vowing to commit more of it in the coming days.

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icestation 22 hours ago

He is saying that the victim is a kurdish spy and he is working for kurdish self defenders , the victim just had time to say "just wait .."

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SweetCandy 1 day ago

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nownow 2 days ago

the middle east is such a cesspool lmfao

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Puruttya 2 days ago

Send nukes to the Middle East, the number two pisshole of the world.

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Fartman 2 days ago


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