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Brutal Execution Of Man With Headshot

Published on 05 Jan 2021 / In Shoot

⁣Subjects with long and short weapons murdered a young man identified as Winker Arturo Toros Caigua (18) in the Cerro de Piedra Sector, main street, Barcelona- Edo Anzoátegui. The police report does not have the exact date of the video, they indicate that through statements of the next of kin, the victim was in the Ponderosa neighborhood and was approached by several unknown individuals who, carrying firearms and under death threats, put him in a vehicle and took him away to an unknown destination, hours later they received a phone call informing them that his relative was dead in the aforementioned sector. Arturo was accused of double homicide.

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trac1234 10 days ago

what did he do tho?

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JOHN_WICK 10 days ago


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kez5 11 days ago

New John Wick movie looks amazing

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Hyzaaaaa 15 days ago

Down's syndrome is country. They should be suppressed by Tsar Bomba.

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Neck_Cut 15 days ago

can we please round up all the jews and load them up into ovens? Please? And then rape kamala harris.

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