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⁣Brutal Attack By Inmate In Essex County jail

1,330 Views· 25 Nov 2021
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The two-minute video shows several inmates punch, kick and stomp on Jayshawn Boyd, 22, of Elizabeth, leaving his limp body sprawled on the floor.

The band of seven men continued the attack even after Boyd had clearly lost consciousness. They dumped a full mop bucket on him, threw a water cooler at his head, whipped him with a broomstick until it broke and dropped a microwave on his face.

"I've never seen anything that horrific," said Brooke Barnett, the Newark civil attorney representing Boyd's family. "The Essex County jail is failing the people they pledged to protect, and failing to protect people's family members."

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ebonhawk9899 1 month ago

and I think the guy is still alive too just goes to show you you can't kill these Apes there likes cockroaches you can spray them and they still find a way to survive I have no problem with Apes killing Apes less Apes in the world is always a good thing.prison is like a family reunions for a lot of these Apes they actually love prison it's where they thrive.

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GoodGirlSwallows 2 months ago

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deathhhhhh 2 months ago

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