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    Brutal Attack By A Dog On A Young Woman In Curridabat

    2,524 Views· 31 Jul 2021
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    In Animal

    ⁣Drafting- A dog brutally attacked a woman when she was walking with her pets in Curridabat.

    The events, which occurred the previous Monday, were captured on video by a security camera in the area.

    As shown in the video, the young woman walks with her pets down the street when another dog starts chasing her.

    The young woman, apparently defending her little dog from the attack, picked him up and started running, attacking herself moments later.

    Other people who were walking with the woman tried to help her, but the dog did not give up and continued to bite.

    Fortunately, a brave man came to the aid, took the dog by the neck and separated it from the young woman, who fled to take refuge in a house.

    For this Friday, due to the impact of the images, the video went viral on social networks.

    Neighbors of the area indicate that these situations are not new in the place, since in 2018 a similar case was registered.

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    cleric7788 14 days ago

    Respect to the guy that choked the dog out.

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    binsalul28 15 days ago

    Should have ended the fucking mutt. Euthanized on the spot. Fucking hate pitbulls.

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    Lucifer 18 days ago

    That was nice

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    R_Machine 1 month ago

    Thats what you get when you have a shit rat and call it a dog. Get a job.

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    bl578299 1 month ago

    3 fucking useless women and not one of them can stop a dog from attacking them. what a surprise the first man on the scene solve the problem by choking the dog out another thing they could have done is went for his eyes these useless women can't manage anything but run and ask somebody else for help.and women have the nerve to say they don't need men the only thing women are good for is having babies and the only thing they should be deciding is what to cook for dinner.

    3    1 Reply
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