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  • Markus
    Markus 17 Feb 2021

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    Markus · 138 Views

    ⁣Brother and Sister Killed by Hitman at Money Transfer Establishment They Owned


    Colombia, Messing with drug trafficking. That is the version that the authorities have on their mind being the reason for which a hitman had the mission to assassinate the woman, Y. C. C. G, but during the attack, her brother G. E. tried to defend her and also ended up dead.

    At 9:26 a.m. yesterday, the security camera shows a gunman came to the remittance and money transfer establishment, which is owned by Y.C.C.G.

    Witnesses assured that the murderer came directly to attack Y.C.C.G with a bullet, hitting her 7 times, leaving her lying on the ground.

    In the middle of the attack G. E, her brother, came out and also took out a firearm and used it against the hitman, but he did not manage to hit him, however, he did receive 3 bullets that left him dying next to his older sister.

    Meanwhile, the gunman fled in the company of his accomplice who waited meters ahead on a KLR 650 motorcycle.

    Y.C.C.G, 38, and G.E, 33, were helped and taken to the University Hospital, but unfortunately they died minutes later.

    It seems that the Castrillón Guevara brothers, brothers-in-law of the extraditable Luis Eduardo Bonza Ortega, detained since November 2017 for money laundering and requested by a Puerto Rican court, after pointing out that he had sent cocaine to that country, were touched by the stain of drug trafficking.

    As it was known, the authorities handle the hypothesis of an adjustment of accounts for the businesses that his brother-in-law left.

    General Óscar Moreno, commander of the Mecuc, regretted the fact and assured that "the analysis of the scene of the events was carried out and they are establishing the route to be able to clarify what happened, but he ruled out any attempted theft or robbery."

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    14 Apr 2021
    Sister Help Brother Cleaning His Dick
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