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    Bowl Girl Loves Eating Vomit!

    1,716 Views· 17 Jul 2021
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    ⁣Bowl Girl is an internet video and shock site containing footage of a Japanese girl vomiting into a bowl and eating her own vomit. The origins of the video are unknown, but analysis of the footage indicates that it originates from Japan in the late 1990s. This site is a sister site of the world famous Vomit Girl.

    ⁣Bowl Girl appears to be simply about vomit eating, but it is much more complex. The video provide a poignant commentary on materialism in modern society and the hunger that is experienced by many in the world. This is surely an artistic shock site that asks more questions than it answers. Discuss it with your friends!

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    SweetCandy 2 days ago

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    cookie1389 1 month ago

    I vomit if I put just 1 finger in my mouth but this girl is next level

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    Rimjoblover 2 months ago

    I don’t think I wanna eat ass anymore…

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    ezoulz 2 months ago

    Well shit

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    inatehiggers 2 months ago


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