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Davidz 11 Oct 2019
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Bomb explosion
12 Oct 2019
Bomb explosion
DLGORE · 1023 Views

Bomb omb

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HAHA gay ugly dog

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fatality666 26 days ago

Hey fellow sadist I have created a discord for like minded individuals who enjoy the suffering and partake in the killing of living things. Feel free to join by clicking the link. NOTHING WILL BE CENSORED, just way I like it. It isnt completely done but I have most of the important things finished. If you have a suggestion feel free to say. There are currently 100+ members already!

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HitlerWasRight 12 days ago

Lol nice try faggot, discuck is for losers

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Melisa Ann
Melisa Ann 27 days ago

Wanna fuck lonely girls and not pay for them? Go to =>

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supernova83 29 days ago

Reported for animal torture. Poor cat lost a leg.

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Fartman 1 month ago


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5150 1 month ago

Dog wasn't hurt, look closer. dog was replaced with a toy dog. Not bad special effects.
Put you video editing to good use and help us up here in Canada to get rid of our ass hole Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Feel free to sketch together some videos that shows Trudeau fucking a goat or something like that. Maybe it will go viral.

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JamesChadore123123 1 month ago

no it was real, in the full video you see the dog stiff and the guy steps on its head and his eye ball pops out

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Battousai 1 month ago

@JamesChadore123123: Where can i watch the full vid

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Bomb explosion
12 Oct 2019
Bomb explosion
DLGORE · 1023 Views