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    Berlin Transgender Woman Set Herself On Fire

    4,177 Views· 18 Sep 2021
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    In Suicide

    ⁣The trans woman, who set herself on fire on Tuesday afternoon at Alexanderplatz in Berlin, succumbed to her injuries on the same day. The Berlin police announced on Wednesday. The investigation into death will be carried out by the responsible criminal police commissioner. Political motivation could continue to be ruled out on the basis of previous investigations and findings, said the authority.

    On Tuesday around 1:20 p.m. in front of a department store, the woman doused herself with a flammable liquid from a petrol can and then set it on fire ( reported). An employee of the department store was then able to extinguish the flames quickly and alerted the Berlin fire brigade.

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    XANAX022 4 days ago


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    xanaxstore01 6 days ago


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    20 days ago

    one less degenerate freak in the world these people say only we let them live their lives they will be happy it's not about being happy it's about you have a mental disorder your brains messed up and you will never be happy in your life until you address the mental problems inside your brain. no amount of anal sex or dressing like a woman is going to make you happy because your brain is f up our society is getting progressively worse because we accept these degenerates and when you accept these degenerate it only encourages more degeneracy. eventually people will be married to their dogs and people will say who are we to judge and the same will happen with pedophilia.what is society has no values or or standards it is not worth having a society anymore and make no mistake about it pedophilia is being normalized just look at the Netflix movie cuties.if a society won't even protect its own children it is evil. it almost makes you sympathize with terrorists because they want to end this evil Society to but it's not the children's fault the adults are evil and wicked good decent people now are considered evil and backwards. and homosexual degeneracy is considered good I make no mistake they're spreading their degeneracy to your children in public schools they are even bragging about it. and if we want to be good members of society was supposed to just sit there and take it? the message is loud and clear lettuce brainwash your children and if you have a problem with that you're a bigot. a second American Revolution is needed. and soon one thing is certain the government is tightening their noose . look at how they're scaring people of a virus that has a 99% survival rate people were ready to throw their neighbors in concentration camps if they don't get vaccinated and believe me half of the American population will be clapping for it. and these are the exact same people that preached tolerance they would say it was wrong to not treat someone because they're chronically obese or because they smoked but you don't get the vaccine in your eye monster in their eyes.

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    SweetCandy 1 month ago

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    GENICHIRO_ASHINA 1 month ago

    Ha jeszcze polka to nagrała, miód na uszy.

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    snajper3332 11 days ago


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