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  • Markus
    Markus 01 May 2021

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    Thieves Being Beaten And Hemilated
    10 May 2021
    Thieves Being Beaten And Hemilated
    Markus · 453 Views

    Beaten! Young Girl Meet With Stick

    In Extreme

    ⁣Just a normal punishment for woman.

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    MexicaLombini 4 days ago

    I dont know but i need to say this - we all know that GOD exists deep inside ,, crimes like these - cartels torturing people and fuckin them up like that will all be held against them in the court of ALLAH - we all know that we will die and there's an END to all of this - you can't give up to your thoughts and do whatever you feel like doing .. and then get nothing for exchange .. they will all be punished - .. these videos made me convert to ISLAM - i ve been reading in islam for 3 years i have a great share of the truth to whom interested in looking for answers and feeling like this life is going to end and want to make sure he is on the right path .. also a big FACT from islam for poking your curiosity about islam " Islam considers these torturings and bad doings EXTREMELY wrong and will be punished with the same .. an eye for eye at the day of judgement the court of allah .. and the worst of all sins .. that god will never forgive and can't be wiped away from your book .. is denying his existence or / acknowledging his existence and keep on denying his path" .. message me if you are interested it is the truth and you know it

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    SweetCandy 8 days ago

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    Hugefaggotry666 8 days ago

    ugly whore cut her arms off instead itd be fun

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    Iam14 7 days ago


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    Lucifer 10 days ago

    She looks sexy. I would've loved her decent ass being spanked by that thick wood.

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    thehunterhunter 10 days ago

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    Thieves Being Beaten And Hemilated
    10 May 2021
    Thieves Being Beaten And Hemilated
    Markus · 453 Views